This villa for a wealthy couple lies on the shore of Lake Mjøsa with a northwestern view of the large lake. The shoreline, which is a public recreational area, will sometimes flood, and the water rises up to the lower retaining wall in the garden. Although the grand view played an important role in the design, the façade is not fully glazed, but rather “masked out” with varying openings that are positioned and sized with the treatment in mind of natural light, exterior views, and the intended use of interior spaces.

The budget, which was quite generous, al¬lowed for solutions and principles one normally finds hard to utilize: Stairs need not be placed above each other, spaces could span two floors, and openings for daylight and views could be tailored to different rooms and situations. The load bearing in-situ cast concrete also allowed for compelling construc¬tions both in the exterior and in the interior, enabling cantilevering of staircases, roofing, terraces, galleries, etc. A design method that was made possible in this budget was to erect temporary scaffolding as a 1:1 mockup of the main floor of the house, where one could fine-tune the height and extents of the floor, and begin to imagine the rooms’ different dwelling zones with respect to views and their position relative to each other.

Exterior and interior staircases con¬nect the different floors and different areas of the house. This adds to a complex pattern of spatial sequences and movement within a rather rationally executed organization: All living areas and bedrooms face the view, and are dis¬tributed over three floors. Secondary functions, such as bathrooms, lavatories, laundry rooms, etc., are located in the rear end of the house, where the façade is relative¬ly closed. Several west-facing terraces protrude from the building, furthering the living spaces’ relationship with the water and the view.


Tom Olav Holtet and Urda Larsen


Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk
Rickard Riesenfeld

Year of completion:



Stange, Norway


approx. 420 sq meters (heated floor area)


Sweco (structural engineers)
Finn-Erik Nilsen (special structural consultant
Aalerud Hamar (HVAC)
IBR elprosjekt (electro)


Morten Grønvold (main performing concrete contractor)
Betong Øst (concrete supplier)
Asle R. Larsen (mural work)
Profilteam Hamar (exterior doors and windows)
Nyhyset bruk (interior doors)
Aagards snekkerverksted


C-V. Hølmebakk (CVH)
Rickard Riesenfeld (RR)
Nils Petter Dahle (NPD)
Tommy Andersen (TA)



Concrete House
Stange. 2015







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