The plans for a new crematorium in Asker goes back to 1995 and a competition for a complete development of the area. The plan should include a new crematorium as a consequence of the reported requirements for emissions from the crematoria. The project should also show new office facilities for the Asker Church Joint and functions for the personnel who worked at the cemetery. The construction of the small mortuary (completed in 2000) was the first step in such a development. In 2004 started the planning of the main part of the project – the crematorium, the office building, and an overall work through of the site around the existing chapel.
The new crematorium was planned on the back of the chapel's. The building is linked to the basement of the chapel at about the same place as the old crematorium, but with over twice the area. The room demanding technical room is added into the terrain to form a large outdoor area on the roof.  Different technical installations, such as dry coolers and other equipment associated the crematorium are raised an additional floor up, so that the large roof terrace can be accessible for the public. The small brick structures for technical installations form a small group if of miniature houses. In addition to these “houses” the terrace is also furnished with several skylights and repealed light wells where you could see down into the different rooms of the crematorium. The roof terrace has a beautiful overview towards the old cemetery and serves both as a general outdoor area to the public and grieving relatives, and can also be used for outdoor ceremonies and funerals.
The office building on the lush hill on the west side of the site is a one and a half floor structure. With the offices on the upper floor the building addresses itself towards a public entrance yard. Downstairs, with easy access from the church yard, is the locker rooms and wardrobes for the outside workers. The white brick building forms a monotone zig-zag façade towards south and a large parking area. The building opens up to the north, where common lunch- and meeting rooms opens towards the park and church yard.



Project name:

Asker Crematorium and Administration Building

Architect: Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk


Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk (PL)
Christine Petersen
Gyda Kleiva
Rickard Riesenfeld
Kaja Poulsen
Hilde Rostadmo

Client: Asker County
Address: Kirkeveien, Asker
Structural consultant:

Kristoffer Apeland AS
Hegge VVS&klima (HVAC)
Asker elektrisket (RIE)

Illustrations: Anders Holmer/CVH
Site area: -
Total floor area: 2 000 m2 (heated)



Crematory and Administration Building
Asker. 1995 - 2008

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